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The Sale Situation Of Instant Noodle In Korea

Jan 03, 2018

Three Million Dollars Of Instant Noodle Export In Korea

It is reported that instant noodle is not only the mainly food in Korea, but also become a convenience food for foreigner in the recent years. Because the export of instant noodle sale research a new high in this year, which get a three hundred million dollars by instant noodle export.

According to the Aju Business Daily reported in 20th Dec, the instant noodle sale amount is 346.43 million dollars, which up 31.9% over the same period of last year. With the development of this situation, many experts forecast it will get a new high in this year.

Throughout the instant noodle sale network in Korea, it is no doubt that China is the rank of the top export target for Korea, which accounted for 25%. America is 12.3%, Japan is 6.6%, Australia is 4.4%, etc. Because the Korea instant noodle are different kinds and delicious, which not only just sale for Asia and America, some of them has expanded their market to Middle East and Africa.

According to the report, with the increase of single family, some industry forecast that the instant noodle market will continue to expand in Korea domestic. At the end of last year, the total sales of instant noodle is more than 1.8 billion in domestic, an increase of 10.2% for 2012.

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