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The Reason Why Instant Noodle Declining In China

Dec 25, 2017

According to the report from BBC NEWS, the instant noodle is easy to make and cheap to buy, which is the best convenience food in China. No matter for students snack, a meal on the train, or just for the hungry workers, instant noodle is the best choices for them, which has been sold 46.2 billion packets in China and HongKong in 2003. However, the sale of instant noodle has already dropped to 38.5 billion packets in 2016.

From 2003 to 2016, the volume of sales has declined 17%, but think about the over years, most other instant noodle markets are basically stable, so it is abnormally phenomenon for China. There are few versions to explain why would come to this.

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◆  Improving the life quality: customers want a better food

“Consumers are more interested in life quality than just filling their bellies these days.”

Because it is simple and directly: just need a boiling water, a pack of sauce, and a few packs of dehydrated vegetables and meat, then have a delicious meal for you. Maybe it sound good in previous years. But according to the report that’s means customers want a better food to improve their life quality.

◆  Population migration: Rural workers are going home

Before 2014, there are lots of rural workers leave home to work in the city, and they want to save more money to send back to their hometown families, so the cheap and fast instant noodle is their first choice. But nowadays, the number of rural workers in city has decreased 1.57 million, which means the needs of instant noodle also falling.

◆  Traveling: Infrastructure improving, habits changing

With the development of economy and technological science, the speed of train has faster than before and many people prefer to choose high-speed railway and plane to travel in their holiday. Because the travel time has been shortened, people can arrive ahead of time before they feel hungry, that’s one reason why the need of instant noodles dropped.

◆  Development of smartphones and the internet

The latest data showed that there are 750 million people can surf the net in China, and more than 96% people used the smartphone. With all kinds of mobile APP appearing, ordering take out is easier and convenience. Though the price is much higher than instant noodle, but the food is much delicious and multiform.

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