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The Processing Flow Of Broadyea Fresh Noodle Production Line

Oct 17, 2017

The processing flow of broadyea fresh noodle production line

fresh noodle production line

Introduction Of Fresh Noodle Production Equipment

Automatic fresh noodle production line, which has the characteristics of unique process, novel structure, reasonable design, safety and reliability of operation, convenient to maintain. The capacity has 4 tons to 12 tons per shift to choose. There are 300 mm to 800 mm for choice in roller width.


The parts of production line

1.      Double draft flour mixer

2.       Aging machine

3.       Compound rolling machine

4.       Continuous rolling machine

5.       Cutting & Putting-up

6.       Cooking machine

7.       Autoclave

8.       Operation platform

9.      1000 Drying box

10.    Single layer drying machine

11.    Cooling machine

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