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The Maintenance Way Of Instant Noodle Production Line

Jan 15, 2018

What should we do can dropped down minimize lose when the noodle production line is failure?

The following is to explain the instant noodle production line maintenance methods, you can pay attention to this and hope it can help to you.

The maintenance methods of instant noodle processing line can be divided into the following two types:

The first type is synchronous repair method, which means the noodle production line continuous processing from Monday to Saturday. The maintenance pays attention to repair all the problems at the same time on Sunday. Then the equipment can be used on Monday. This way is suitable for the minor mechanical problem and the shorter repair time.

The second type is partial repair method, if there is a big problem with instant noodle production line, the repairing time need longer, then the first method can’t be used. At this time, you need to repair the other part by Sunday maintenance worker that ensures the production line couldn’t stop.

In order to decrease the frequency of fault, you can install the timer in the device to record the working time. Under the rules of mechanical wear to replace the spare parts in advance, which can eliminate the failure of production line.

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