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The Mainly Steps Of Making Instant Noodles

Dec 15, 2017

The first step is flour mixer, mixing is one of the key step for making instant noodle, so that there are four points you need to pay attention. Firstly, the quantity of flour, salt, second dough and other material to be proportionately added. Secondly, according to the wet gluten content to add water, you need to make sure the water content in flour not less than 31%. Thirdly, the temperature of water need to be controlled between 30 degrees. Last but not least, the time of flour mixer should adjust in 15 minutes by normally, for instance, the time of mixing need much longer in winter, but short in summer. After ended of mixing, the flour will turn like to a loose small lump, which means the first step is successful.

Broadyea instant noodle flour mixer machine.JPG


The second step is aging, adopts the horizontal uniaxial or disc type of aging machine to aging the dough. The time of aging is about 10 to 15 minutes, while the dough temperature and water content need to be the same as first time. Experience has proved that aging the dough after mixing is the best way to make a perfect effect, and this technical have been adopted in many factories.

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The third step is rolling, adopts compound rolling machine and continuous rolling machine and follows the technic parameter to do it. The first roller dough sheet is usually not less than 4 to 5 millimeters, the addition thickness of dough sheet is 8 to 10 millimeters before compound rolling, the last dough sheet is below 1 millimeter, to make sure the dough sheet is compaction. The last roller speed is suitable for 30 to 35m/min. The thickness of dough sheet needs to be determined according to your situation.

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The last step is cutting, both the working accuracy and installation of cutter is important, if the cutter is not good that will influence the noodle and cause some problem. Nowadays, circular or oval cutter have been developed to solve the single problem in China, which can control the length by speed. This step both process of making noodle and the last step of forming noodle.


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