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The Main Material Of Instant Noodle——Palm Oil

Jan 18, 2018

Palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil that is derived from the palm tree, which grows on the Africa, Asia, North America, and South America, with 85% of palm oil globally produced and exported from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Palm oil is an important part of national oil market, and also is the mainly material in fried instant noodle, which can regulate the blood lipid of human body. Because palm oil has some nutritional ingredient of vitamin E, β-carotene, etc. Compared with other vegetable oil, palm oil has the strongest ability to resist rancidity degradation, so this is the best choice for making instant noodle by used. Therefore, palm oil is widely used in food industry.

However, why the palm oil is good for the human body? Because palm oil contains saturated fatty acids that have strong stabilization of frying and oxidation. Many foreign research data and experimental results show that palm oil and olive oil have the same ability to regulate the blood lipid of human body. By the way, Palm oil meets the food safety standards established by the International Food Law Commission, and is a safe and nutritious edible oil.

 Broadyea Instant Noodle Production Line Of Palm Oil.jpg   Broadyea Instant Noodle Production Line Of Palm Oil.jpg

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