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The Guinness World Record Of Noodle In China

Mar 17, 2018

One of the noodle company has made a 3084.32 meter longevity noodle for the oldest people in 28th Oct, 2017, Hennan, China. Which also broke the longest noodle Guinness World Record of 548.7 meters held by Japan.

Noodles are a food with a long history in our country. However, for a long time, many countries are vying for the invention of noodles. Until the archaeologists found ancient noodles in Qinghai with a history of more than 4,000 years in 2002.

Just past Double-ninth Day, Chinese noodle won the title of the longest noodle Guinness World record, which has been held by the Japanese for nearly a decade.

The Guinness World Record Of Noodle In China.jpg

After 24.5 hours of hard work, using nearly 40 kilograms of flour, Henan noodle company successfully made a noodle as long as 3,084.32 meters. This figure is five times the height of the tallest building in China, the Shanghai Center Tower. It also far exceeds the longest noodle Guinness World record set by the Japanese in 2007.

According to Fan, the manager of food marketing department and in charge of the event, this noodle is made with traditional techniques. Both mixing flour, dough kneading, noodle rubbing are made by hand, it can be said that the production is very difficult. Therefore, in the processing of the challenge, the masters deliberately used pure natural, no addition, high gluten to ensure that the challenge can be successfully carried out. Finally, the noodle was identified as a new noodle length record by Mr. John Garland, the Guinness World Records Certification Officer.

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A special gift for the oldest people

The noodle, which won the Guinness World Records for the longest noodle, is also a special gift for the oldest elderly people at the first filial piety cultural festival. Ninety-nine elderly people and their families were invited to the company to share the dinner and the longest noodles. In the event was made into the meaning of healthy and long-lived for the longest noodles.

 The Guinness World Record Of Noodle In China.jpg

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