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The Government Leader Come To Visit And Guided Broadyea Machinery

Jul 04, 2018

Welcome to Guangzhou Broadyea Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Today, the government department leaders Mr.Zheng and Mr.Chen came to visit and guided work. Our company general manager Mr. Mai and vice-president Mr.Tan were not only introduce the product situation, business scope and company development, but also led them to visit the company workshop and held a seminar.

Mr.Tan accompanied with Mr.Zheng and Mr.Chen to visit the assembly workshop of the noodle machinery production line department. Talk for them to introduce the company's product function, structure, and working principle. The directors carefully listened to the general explanation and asked questions about technical issues from time to time. The leaders of the district office attached great importance to the technological reform and innovation of enterprises, indicating that technology was the lifeblood for the enterprises development. They hope that the company will increase R & D investment and respond to the national policy of "Made in China".

The vice-president introduced the plans and construction progress of the new company. Meanwhile, the problems encountered in the construction were exchanged. Mr.Zheng and Mr.Chen were attached great importance to problem we are facing. Also, they help us understand the relevant laws and regulations, local policies, which is going to help us to solve the problem by corresponding solutions. The directors pointed out that we should speed up the construction of the new company, put it into use as soon as possible, and contribute to the development of the local economy.

At the end of the day, Mr. Mai made a summary. ‘I really do appreciate the care from government for Broadyea Machinery Manufacture Company, especially thanks for the director of Mr. Zheng and Mr. Chen, who takes the time to give guidance for our company during their busy work. I deeply believe that our company will have a further development under the care of government departments.’

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