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The Factor To Effect The Flour Mixer Of Instant Noodle Production Line

Nov 28, 2017

Mixing flour is the most important technics flow for instant noodle production line, the mixing quality is able to effect the taste and toughness of noodle.

1.       Waterwater of instant noodle production line

The expert points out that want to get the prefect effect of mixing flour only when the protein and starch are able to absorb enough water. Normally, when you put 100 kilogram flour that you need to add 30 kilogram water to mix it, according to the water content of flour and protein to make some adjusted. Under the premise of not affecting the pressing and molding, add as much water as possible is beneficial to improve the quality of products.

temperature of instant noodle production line2.       The temperature of water and mixing flour

Because the temperature of water and mixing flour is too down, the kinetic energy of water molecule is low, the absorption of protein and starch is slowly that the gluten formation is not good. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause protein denaturation, which decrease the wet gluten content. The best temperature to absorb the water for protein is 30 degrees. You had better use the warm water to mix flour when the temperature of room is in 20 degrees.

3.       Qualityflour of instant  noodle production line

The wet gluten content should have 32% to 34% in the instant noodle production line. The quality and content of wet gluten also influence the gluten formation that the toughness and extensibility will become worse.

4.       Add some sodium carbonate

      Add some sodium carbonate can enhance the flour   toughness,  but should be careful.

salt of instant noodle production line 5.       Add some salt

 The nutritionist drew a conclusion of add some salt in mixing  flour after many experiments. On one hand, adding some salt  not only can enhance the toughness of gluten but also improve  the process-ability of dough. Meanwhile, it is able to play a role  of prevent the dough rancidity. In short, add more salt when the  protein is high.


6.       Time14939489662054517.jpg

The flour mixing time is incapable of less than 15 mins, because it will influence the protein, flour quality and quantity. By the way, the mixing velocity and the water quality also influence the mixing effect.

Instant noodle, Drying noodle, Fresh noodle, Stick noodle and dumpling wrapper production line also need mixing flour, so pay more attention to the mixing is a good point to start.