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The Correct Way To Use Dumpling Machine

Sep 22, 2017

1. After the power supply need to carry out commissioning, clean and restore the installation, in the use of dumplings before the machine, need to check the equipment connected to the power supply with the skills rated voltage, the number of items is consistent, confirm the consistent, you can connect the power.

2. After starting the dumpling machine, it is necessary to check whether the machine has leakage phenomenon, to determine the correct steering. Pull the clutch handle and adjust the handle, check for abnormalities, wait until the machine idling normal, and then start using.

3. Before the normal use of dumpling machine, need to conduct test operation, with the machine test dumplings stuffing, this operation before the test surface, with the machine forming frame open to 90 degrees.

4. Then put the good stuffing into the hopper, will adjust the dumpling filling volume handle to the desired position.

5. The final boot to observe whether the dumpling machine is even, stable, whether there is intermittent phenomenon, about the trial of the dumpling machine, or need to adjust the thickness of the surface tube to adjust the dough.