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Some Tips For Eating Noodle

Feb 26, 2018

*The best time to eat noodle is at noon

It is all known that noodle can provide enough energy for people body, but some people still wonder what is the best time to eat noodle. Actually, the best time to eat noodle is at noon, because the durum contains Vitamin B which has a certain stimulating effect on brain cells. While, you need to eat some foods with higher protein in the morning. Significantly, eating noodle is difficult to digest in the evening.

*Eating noodle can keep fit

Every 150 grams of cooked noodles contains 1 gram of fat, 7 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbohydrates and 180 calories of heat quantity. It is not fat, but it can give people a feeling of satiety.

*More toughness more health

Generally speaking, more toughness noodle contains more protein. Certainly, the processing of making noodle will also impact the noodle taste. For example, in order to increase the toughness of noodle, some people will add some salt in the dough in Northern China, but it doesn’t  destroy the nutrition of noodle.

*Don't ignore the noodle soup

The starch will dissolve into the soup when you cooked noodle in 100 degrees water which can digest food, and also the noodle soup contains digestive enzyme that can help digest food too. So please don’t ignore the noodle soup, it’s good for our healthy.

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