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Reasonable Control Of The Center Temperature And Water Content Of Dough During The Instant Noodles Production

Sep 25, 2017

The central temperature is a key index in mixing the flour, if the temperature is too high will cause the protein denaturation. The temperature too low is unfavorable for the formation of gluten network and reducing the processing performance of dough. The test proved that water absorption is the highest at 30 degrees, the excellent mixing dough temperature is 31 degrees to 34 degrees. Therefore, the temperature are closely related to the speed of water absorption, gluten formation and the mature stage. After mixing dough, the temperature will rising fast by the friction of blades, which has more effect of the transition from the mature stage to the plastic strengthening state. Compare the dough time, the temperature from 30 degrees to 40 degrees has no big difference. But slowly than before in under 30 degrees, when the center temperature of dough is below in 20 degrees, the flour dough's forming time is too long that is not suitable for industrial production. So, the center temperature of dough is acceptable within the range of 24 degrees to 36 degrees. If the dough temperature is too high that the moisture absorption of gluten will decrease and the wet gluten couldn't fully expanded, will affect the softness and rehydration.

Water content of dough is a key index to influence the processing performance and product quality of dough. The water content 26% and 38% are two critical points by Japanese machinery manufacturing industry. The water content under the 26% can't make a good noodles no matter what kind of technology used.

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