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Precautions For Use Of Fresh Noodle Machine

Sep 22, 2017

Automatic Noodle machine is a safe and efficient noodle processing machinery, it produces a unified noodle, chewiness delicious, widely used in canteens, restaurants and noodle processing plants, the use of noodle machine to first empty machine operation, check has the same sound strange, if idling normal can be used, Note that before starting the machine to check the rollers and knives on the debris, when the operator should pay attention to the hand and roll to maintain a certain safe distance.

Stop and disconnect the power after use. Cleaning machine body surface, can not use the sharp metal material scraping roll and noodle knife, lubrication oiling machine, bearing grease in a year to replace 1 times, regular inspection belt tightness and wear condition, if need to replace the new belt in time, For a long time without noodles confidential two rollers and knife surface coated with edible oil to prevent rust.