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Nutritive Value Of Instant Noodle

Dec 28, 2017

Instant noodle was called a fast food because it is easy to make and cheap to buy, which creates a bad image for many people. However, they’re wrong, there are lots of nutrient component in it.

Such as wheat flour, palm oil, sauce, dehydrated vegetables and so on, both of them are the body needed ingredients. Along with the acceleration of the globalization process and the improvement of the pace of life, the Instant noodles with rich nutrition are more and more popular with the delicious food by people.

It is reported that many people think eating too much instant noodle is not good for our healthy. The mainly reason are as following.

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First, the oil content is too high, because most instant noodle adopts the ways of frying to dry the noodle cake. But the professors Hu said, compared with the chips and hamburger, the oil content of instant noodle is not high, which contains 16% to 18% fats, among it contains 11% are palm oil, this vegetable oil is good for our heathy.

Second, instant noodle have some additive, Mr.Hu said, most of them are dislike to talk about instant noodle with additive, they thinks it is a harmful food. Actually, the food industry is inseparable from additive, both of them are detected by strict proof to prove harmless for human body, our country is allowed to use it.

Third, many people pays attention to the problem of acrylamide. However, all the starch food will produce it after high temperature cooking (over 120 degrees).

Instant noodle contains six essential nutrients for human body, such as water, protein, fats, carbohydrate, mineral substance, vitamin, etc. Nowadays, many company are developing a new nutritional instant noodles in home and aboard, such as nutritional fortified instant noodle, loss weight instant noodle, so instant noodle could meet a different populations in the future. 

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