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Noodle Museum In Guangzhou

Jan 11, 2018

INSTANOODLES was founded in 2016, which has committed to cooking all kinds of instant noodles in a variety of interesting ways. "INSTAN BUT INTENT" is not only the way that makes instant noodles more nutritious and delicious but also a life attitude that the Noonoodles has always advocated.

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INSTANOODLES was located in Canton Tower, which is the brand of eating noodle company in Asia, not only eating but also for fun. With fresh meat and vegetable can create a delicious and healthy instant noodle for people. The space color matching is dominated by high cold black and white color, and the storage shelves color is yellow that could catch people’s attention easily.

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INSTANOODLES is a noodle house, but more like a convenient store, because it’s divided the area by food temperature. 

On the left side is a fresh cold drink cabinet at 0 degrees to 4 degrees, such as ice-cream, beer, cola, juice, milk, tea, etc. Many some kinds of the brand you couldn’t find in the supermarket, here there are. 

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On the right side is a choiceness snack area at 15 degrees and 25 degrees, for instance, sugar, cookie, chips, instant noodle from all around the world. 

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In the front of 80 degrees to 100 degrees are an order and payment place. There are lots of magazine in the noodle house, eating noodle in this area maybe could make your feeling warmly not lonely.

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Broadyea Machinery specializes in instant noodle production line, such as frying instant noodle making the machine, fresh noodle processing line, wonton/ dumpling wrapper production line. We can provide a different kind of noodle line for you, hope we can establish the business relations with you in near future. Don't hesitate to contact us!  E-mail: zzm@broadyea.

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