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Nine Points Matters For Rolling Machine

Mar 16, 2018

Rolling machine is used to process the dough when running instant noodle production line. Cause the machine has no added lubricating oil before delivery, it must be check the each parts of machine are smoothly or not and adding the lubricating oil before installation noodle making machine. You need to check the each screw bolt, gear, chain are loose or not, and whether the gear teeth are closed or not after 10 minutes. Please noted, in that time the machine need to without anything. The tightness of chain is generally 3mm or so.When you using the rolling machine of instant noodle making equipment, please attention to the following problem.

1. The whole instant noodle machine before the factory has been tested qualified, if it is loose in the course of handling, you can adjust the machine according to manual diagram. as in the handling process loose.

2. The quality of noodles depends on the flour quality, Therefore, when mixing flour, we should pay attention to the proper addition of water. In generally, adding 28% water in winter and 25% water in summer, mixing time of flour is about 10 minutes.

3. It is strictly prohibited to appear iron or hard impurities in flour. Which in order to avoid to damage the machine parts of automatic noodle production line.

4. If you found the dough sheet was attached the roller cutter, please check the cutter is loose or not, maybe is the screw bolt is loose that will cause this problem, you just need to tighten it.    

5. Always cleaning to keep the oil-hole open, after work, the scraper and comb should be cleared immediately, in case the dryness dough will damage the parts of noodle line.

6. Changing the slitter must be stopped to run. The oil-hole of cutter should add lubricating oil, the surface of cutter should add edible oil.

7. Immediately stop running and find out the cause of any abnormal, troubleshooting before starting production.

8. In winter produce, the indoor temperature should be kept above 10 to 15 degrees, running 10 to 15 minutes without anything before rolling, adding moderate salt and using 30 degrees temperature water to mix flour.

9. Forbidden putting hand when the noodle making machine running, cause it’s very dangerous.

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