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A New Measure Of After-sale Service From Guangzhou Broadyea

Jan 23, 2018

Guangzhou Broadyea Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd organized our company engineers to research and development a new measure of after-sale service, which can be forewarned to the possible failure for the customer in advance, and the transportation process helps the customer to deal with the trouble in time. In order to help the noodle machinery factory to better manage the noodle machine and know the situation of machine operation.

The functions of new measure  

1.     Uploaddownload and control the PLC program by remote control.

2.       Understanding of equipment electrical faults and judgment in time.

3.       Easily to operate, only need the internet that can deal with the problem. No matter where you are.

After installing the gateway system on the mobile phone, it can be connected the PLC and other machine by Ethernet, which can be displayed the running parameters of each PLC on the computer by remote monitoring, so as to understand the running condition of the whole noodle machine. Actually, the gateway system is equivalent to a transit station, send the timely PLC parameters to the internet that the engineer of Broadyea machinery could know the running condition of each noodle machine. It can provide early warning for noodle machine users, and make remote fault diagnosis and treatment for noodle machinery users, in order to decrease the time of failure and improve production efficiency. Especially for the foreign noodle production line company, the new measure of after-sale service from Guangzhou Broadyea is greatly improving the efficiency and economy of handling the equipment fault.