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Mr. Li——Create Guinness World Record Of Cutting Noodle

Jan 09, 2018

Chinese food has a worldwide reputation and Sichuan food is also popular with many people. There are plenty of cultural connotations in the food culture, some of them are even more artistic. Today let me introduce a noodle artist for you.

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Hongkai Li, a chef from Zigong Sichuan province in Southwest China, shows off his stunt for us in 19th, Dec, 2017. The chef, who has trained his cooking skills for nearly thirty years, can make a noodle thin as a newspaper and the diameter is 0.067 millimeters, which create the Guinness World Record of “Finest Hand Cut”, no one could break the record until today.

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Talking about inheriting, Mr. Li want to find someone with patience and love. Because he loves Chinese foods so much and hope can spread the cultural connotation of food t more people. 

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