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Losing Weight Should Choose Noodles Or Rice?

Mar 21, 2018

Noodle and rice is the main foods in people’s daily life. Southerner prefer to eating rice than noodle, northerner is in opposite. But nowadays, many people committed to losing their weight, so they will think which is the best foods for losing weight. As the specialist saying goes, if want to lose weight, you need to keep the balance and comprehensive diet.  

In terms of nutrition, noodles are more nutrients than rice. Noodles contain more vitamins and proteins than rice. But in terms of energy, rice has less energy than noodles, that is good for everyone to lose weight. However, from another terms of surge, rice is much higher than noodles, when sugar is absorbed into human organs, it will turns into fructose, and the fructose is fat that noodle is more suitable than rice.

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Actually, you can eat noodles and rice both together to make a more scientific food match and nutritional balance. It's the best thing to eat from time to time. Eat a variety of foods and eat some coarse grains. It's very good to lose weight, and it promotes the digestive function of the stomach. If you really want to lose weight but don't want to be nutritionally unbalanced, Consider eating less food and more coarse grain.

For the same quality of noodles and rice, the total amount of heat produced in the body is about the same, and the nutrition differences are not significant. Generally speaking, eating noodles or rice makes you fat.

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As long as the calorie and energy intake on that day does not exceed the rest of the human body, you will not gain weight. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and take exercise. Don't go on a diet deliberately. The rebound in dieting is very strong. Therefore, everyone should lose weight scientifically. Exercise more, eat a balanced diet, and don't go on a diet. Health is more than everything in life.

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