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Leadership Training For Broadyea Company

Dec 01, 2017

Guangzhou Broadyea Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd held a leadership training for the manager, which in order to strengthen the awareness of management and build a team spirit, improve the management level and enhance the product quality, provide a high-quality processing equipment and related technical services for our instant noodle manufacturers at home and abroad. So we invited the international profession trainer Mr. Huang to customized four-day training courses by specific circumstance, and implemented in two stages of teaching and counseling.

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The first stage training was start in Guangzhou Chime Long Hotel International Training Center at 25th, 26th, November, 2017. Our management leadership give us a great support for all the departments of company. There are more than 40 middle and senior manager participate in the training. Both of them are listened attentively and made notes carefully.

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On the courses, Mr. Huang through a variety of teaching methods to improve the participation, such as theoretical foreshadowing, group competitive, case study to lecture and so on. In the training, all the people pay attention to the courses and thinking positive, using their working experience to solve the problem and thinking seriously about the shortcoming on their own work to try to improve it in the future.


Active discussion and interaction:                                             Express their feeling:

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Award for the winning team:


Mr. Huang have a rich experience that the first stage training ended in great success. Meanwhile, because the lectures are lively and interesting, and the theory be combined with practice, that our employee keep a high learning passion in the training, continue to challenge themselves, broaden their horizon. They thanks to the company to provide this training opportunity, and all have to work hard to achieve the common development of individuals and companies.

Broadyea provides a perfect training program for each employee to promote the self-improvement. So we’re looking forwards the second training coming.