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Improving Noodle Quality With Additive

Jul 11, 2018

With people living level improving, they have new requirement for the noodle quality, such as taste, flavor, nutrient value,etc. A variety of additives developed and applied at home and abroad can meet the needs of better noodle texture and more nutritional and health care functions.


Different country will add different additive in the noodle production. Today I will introduce some common additive used in Japan.



Papain is sold as a stabilizer in Japan, using 0.005% of flour, which can prevent the decrease of noodle viscosity and the increase of hardening and brittleness after adding. 


High quality wheat protein

Adding high quality wheat protein with salty and sorbitol can increase the noodle viscoelasticity, changed the taste and improve the flavor. Increasing the noodle strength is easy to process, the noodle can be refined and the strength is good, the solid dissolution is less.


Soybean protein

Adding 0.1% to 1% untreated whole soybean flour can decolourize the flour, which contains amylase, lipase, urease and lipoxygenase. Lipoxygenase is remarkable for increasing the flour color.


Egg protein

Commonly, adding 0.5% egg protein can increase the noodle nutrient value and flavor, used the function of solidification when heating, it can change the taste and improve the noodle smoothness.

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