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How To Improve The Quality Of Instant Noodle

Nov 02, 2017

l   Improve the taste and smoothness of noodle, the mainly influences factors are original flour, additive and processing technic etc.

l  Improve the toughness and elasticity of noodle

AFirst, the quality of flour need to achieve the requirement of processing technic. The ingredient of wet gluten content and the ash quality will effects the toughness and elasticity of flour. At the same time, the content of enzymes and starch in flour is higher that decreases the elasticity. So you should choose the prefect elasticity of wet gluten after stretched.

BThe process also influence the toughness and elasticity of noodle. The operation of mixer process and aging process should appropriate operation, which can make the protein and starch absorb enough water to form gluten, get a good processing properties of dough.

CThe compound rolling machine should control the rate of rolling that forms a big gluten network in the wet dough. The rolling effect changed the gluten protein to hydrogen bonds that decrease the distance of protein molecules and combines the disulfide bond, is good to form the gluten structure. In the process of rolling, the gluten protein gradually changes from disordered state to ordered state, which makes the gluten protein be fiber. Distributing by the rolling direction, and including the starch granules, which will form the gluten network much better.

DIf the oil temperature or the inlet temperature of the pan is too high, it will make the air hole of noodle to become larger and the gluten has been damaged to some extent. The toughness and elasticity are poor when the noodles are recycled. The rehydration is poor and the rehydration time is long.

EThe time of steeping is too long will damaged the noodle organization to some extent, which decrease the toughness and elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the rehydration time.

FAdding some additive will increase the toughness and elasticity in making noodle, such as Guar gum. The water absorption is large, only absorbs enough water that can play a better role. Therefore, using the colloidal material as additive, the best way is made it into colloidal solution then add into the flour mixer machine.

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l  Improve the color of instant noodles. The mainly factors are flour, product ingredients and the process technic etc.

AThe composition of flour is directly effects the color of instant noodles, such as bran content, oxidase, coloring material etc.

BSome components will make the enzymatic changed to produce coloring material in process. The amino acid, protein and furfural will produce a black color material in Maillard reaction which darkens the color of the noodle cake. The reaction is most likely to appear in the late drying stage and the water content of noodle is about 10% to 15%. The sugar will cause the caramelization in high-temperature, the situation mainly occurs in the late frying stage and the temperature is over 150 degrees. Moreover, when the formula contains vitamin C, it can also degrade color material in certain conditions.

CImprove the smell of instant noodle. The smell of noodle cake and soup will also effect the instant noodle smell. The rancidity of oil will affect the smell of noodle cake.

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