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How To Extends The Shelf Life Of Frying Instant Noodle

Jan 17, 2018

There are five keys to extend the shelf life of instant noodle.


The quality of original material

The main material of fried instant noodles is flour, so the quality of instant noodle is directly determined by the flour. Good flour quality can make longer shelf life of instant noodle.


The health of production environment

The health of production environment is not only the necessary index to identify the product standard but also an important measure to improve the production quality.


The processing of frying

The fried instant noodles are operated in strict accordance with the process specifications during frying, for instance, control the temperature, supply a new oil in time and add antioxidants with national standards, which provides good ways to improve the quality of instant noodle.


The quality of packaging

The quality of fried instant noodle packaging is an essential part of extending the shelf life. Required to tight sealing and no leakage. You need to always inspect the package situation, picked up the bad or unqualified package.


The condition of storage

The temperature of storage room is not higher than 25 degrees, and should be clean, moisture-proof, sunproof and well ventilated.


If you can do it according to the above five points that the shelf life extended.  

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