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How Many Type Of Instant Noodle

Jan 31, 2018

A、According to the drying technology, there are three type of instant noodle, such as fried instant noodle, dried instant noodle, fresh instant noodle.

1、  Fried Instant Noodle

Frying is the most effective and convenient way to dry instant noodle. Fried the cooked noodle in the temperature of 140 to 160 degrees one to two minutes can decrease the water content to 1% to 2%. In this situation, eradicated the growth of bacteria and it can also be saved for a long time without spoilage after sealing. However, there is one question that it couldn’t avoid to contain lots of oil in the noodle because of frying, so excessive consumption in the long time will lead to obesity, and increase the risk of related disease of obesity, such as diabetes, cardiovascular, etc. Research has shown that the oil content can be dropped by adjusted the frying process, addition of quality modifier and so on. By the way, the content of acrylamide in fried noodles can be reduced by adjusting the frying process.

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2、  Dried Instant Noodle

Both many people are disgusted with fat, frying instant noodle always be criticized because of that. Therefore, people more likely to choice drying instant noodle. However, non-fried instant noodle adopts the temperature of over 80 degrees hot air to dry the cooked noodle, which can decrease the water content to 10%, so as to be higher in preservation requirements for non-fried noodles, and can be stored for one year under the proper sealing packaging. The water content is much higher, the bacteria can grow that causes the noodle are easy to deteriorate. But cause the drying instant noodle without oil that can avoid the health concerns associated with fat.

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3、  Fresh Instant Noodle

Fresh instant noodle also called Udon noodle in China, because of short rehydration time and convenient to eat, it is more popular for the teenagers in around the world. Without frying, which is good for people healthy, and provide more ways to eat.

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BAccording to the packaging way, it can divided into bag instant noodle, cup instant noodle and  bowl instant noodle.

Nowadays, it is mainly consists of bags and bowls instant noodle in our country. Bag instant noodle is easy to packing and transportation. But there is without the tableware when you eat.

Bowl and cup instant noodle consist of tableware, it’s more convenience when people eat. But the packing containers are more expensive than the bag instant noodle, so the cost and the sale price of this product are higher.

What’s more, the recovery rate of various packaging materials used for packing instant noodles in China is low, which causes the pollution for the environment.

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CAccording to the flavor, there are lots of difference type of instant noodle.

If you want to differentiate by the flavor, which can divided into the follow type. Such as Chicken flavor instant noodle, Egg instant noodle, seafood flavor instant noodle, etc. You can choose the seasonings provide a broad range of flavors, both spicy and sweet. If you want to differentiate by the different nutrients, it also have plenty of instant noodle for you to choice.

DAccording to the shape, it can divided square shape instant noodle and round shape instant noodle.

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