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Fresh Noodle Machine Acceptance

Dec 11, 2018

Fresh Noodle Machine Acceptance

2nd, Dec,2018   Warmly welcome Sun Shun Fuks Foods Ltd(brand name is "Sau Tao") come to Broadyea to acceptance the fresh noodle production line.

This customer acceptance of fresh noodle machine includes: Vacuum Flour Mixer, Belt Feeder, Compound Rolling Machine, Aging Machine, Continuous Rolling Machine, Slitting,Three Layer Steamer, Climbing machine, Cutting machine, and Two Control Cabinet. Strict quality inspection tests were carried out on the site and the equiment were in a good condition running.

Fresh noodle machine

This fresh noodle machine is made for our local market, we have a clearly discussion of technology and inspection with each other before sign and stamp up the contract. And during the whole process, client through inspection the factory, the strength of company and product quality, we provide a good machine quality and service so that we won the trust of the guests. They are very satisfied and looking forward to have continuing cooperation in the future.