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Do You Know Why The Shape Of Instant Noodle Is Curved?

Dec 29, 2017

Instant noodle, which have warmed countless people who did not fall asleep at night, consoled a number of drifting travelers on the train. But there are few people know why the shape of instant noodle is curved not a straight. ”May be in order to fashion, to get a perm like people.”Yes, it is so fun for a joke. So today let me tell you the reason why the shape of noodle is curved.

● First, saving spaceBroadyea Noodle Machinery  .JPG

The curved instant noodle for putting more in the same space.

● Second, convenient for transport

If the instant noodle is straight, it will be broken in transportation. No one bought so that will affects the sales.

● Third, avoid sticking together

Every time you cook the straight noodles, if you don’t mix them in time, the noodles are easy to stick together. The instant noodles will not because of the shape of curved.

● Forty, convenient for eating

Whatever we use the fork or chopsticks, the shape of curved noodle is much convenient for us.

Give a tip for you, instant noodle is the high-calorie food, so if you always eat it in the midnight, losing weight is a daydream.

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