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Do You Know How To Make Instant Noodle?

Jun 26, 2018

Prepare for Flour Mixingalkali liquid mixing tank of noodles making machine.jpg

Mixing the salty and alkali liquid evenly in proportion, which mainly containing sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate. The addition of alkali can neutralize the acid produced by dough fermentation, keep the flavor unchanged, and make the noodles more gluten.

flour mixer instant noodle machinery.jpg

 Flour Mixing

Spray the mixed liquid onto the flour and stir it to simulate the artificial and the flour. The stir dough is also called dough.

rolling machine of fried instant noodle equipment.jpg

 Rolling Dough

Connecting the rolling machine to work, which can roll the dough more and more thin, this is an important part in instant noodle making machine.

Here has one question, why did the instant noodle waved?

A more reliable statement is that can increase touch area between noodle and air, which means can decrease the time whether its cooling, frying or steaming. An unreliable statement is that the waved noodle is more easily to clamp.

Slitting of frying noodle production line.JPG                           


After rolling machine, we’ll setting a slitter on last roller which to cutting the dough become waved. 

          Cooking machine of noodle line.jpg


Here have two normal type for you to choice, single layer and three layers steaming machine. Is there any different between this two type machine in noodle production line? Actually, if your factory has enough space, we suggest you to choice the single layer, cause this machine can more easily to adjust the specification when the machine running. 

Cutting & dividing

Cutting a circle is the weight of a pack of instant noodles. The noodles will be cut into 30 cm long as the most suitable length. After cutting, the noodle will be dividing to the plate and prepare to fry.

Climbing machine of instant noodles machine.jpg   Cutting & dividing machine of instant noodle machinery manufacturers.jpg

Fryingfrying machine of instant noodle equipment.jpg

Because the noodle has already cooked in steaming machine, now we need to put the noodle into 130℃ to 140℃ oil temperature frying to completes dehydration and hardening.



cooling machine of instant noodle production line machine.jpg

The noodle is very hot after frying so we need the cooling machine to reduce the noodle temperature to 35℃ to 40℃.

Distributing and packing conveyor

After cooling which means the noodle cake has already finished, you can distributing the noodle cake to the final step for packing. 

dividing machine of noodle making machine.jpg                     conveyor machine of automatic noodle making machine.jpg

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