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Development Trend Of Instant Noodle Production

Sep 22, 2017

1. Research and development of new automatic instant noodle production line from the new technology of instant noodles production. Traditional hot-air drying instant noodles due to poor water, poor taste, is not accepted by people, so that the domestic market accounted for 95% of all fried instant noodles. From the health point of view, non-fried instant noodles are more and more welcomed by consumers. Therefore, the production of good water-soluble instant noodles and reduce the oil content of instant noodles become the direction of development.


2. Adopt new formula, to develop new instant noodles variety. Improve the flavor and taste of existing instant noodles, without affecting the process of the premise of nutrient composition balance to make up for wheat flour in the lack of vitamins, amino acids, minerals.


3. Development and production of high-quality instant noodles special powder.

4. Add nutrition enhancer, produce nutritious instant noodles.

5. Develop and improve the quality of instant noodles soup. At present, the development of soup in the form tends to be a composite soup, so that the taste of instant noodles tend to natural.