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Development Of Instant Noodle Production Line

Sep 13, 2018

The demand of instant noodles production line is determined by the development of instant noodles industry. To understand the development prospects and opportunities of noodle line, it is necessary to fully understand the development status of instant noodles industry:


Invented by Nissin company in 1958, instant noodles are widely loved by people for its convenience, economy and safety. Now it is popular all over the world and goes deep into the family, becoming the first choice of convenience food for home travel. Instant noodles are now the second most popular snack food after bread cakes.


The development of instant noodles in China started in the 1970s, when the first bag of instant noodles was born in the fourth factory of Yimin food in Shanghai. The noodle production line is manufacturing by local factory in China, with only 200T annual.


According to the data of the flour products branch of Chinese society of food science and technology, there were more than 500 noodles factories, with more than 1200 instant noodles making machine in 2001. Until 2013, it’s about 800 noodles factories and 3000 noodle production line in China. The capacity is 46.22 billion bags, with 61.473 billion yuan.


In 2005, most instant noodle making machine was made by Guangzhou Renmin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Which used to be the only supplier of complete sets of instant noodle production line of Jinmailang noodle Ltd. At one time, the market share of domestic equipment reached 75%, but there are some reason of system, the company was broke up. After that, most of the management personnel and technical backbone to optimize restructuring set up Guangzhou Broadyea Machinery Manufacture Co., LTD., on the basis of the original system, continue to be a domestic one of the main suppliers of the instant noodles production line, and constantly explore overseas markets, products are exported to South Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America,etc.

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