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Development Of Instant Noodle In China

Jan 10, 2018

With high speed production development, there is 768 instant noodle production line In China from 1945 to 2013, which become the largest product and sale country in all over the world. And also the consume market is very large, lots of instant noodle production brands, a large number of consumers groups that the range of sale is wide. In fact, the require of instant noodle production is to face the masses of people, because it is easy to make and cheap to buy, it is popular among many people.

China is the large instant noodle market in all over the world. Despite several negative events due to food-safety problems, the delivery platform of online food is a growing popularity and the price of products is rising. The retail sales of China instant noodle market increase from 80 billion yuan in 2012 to 81.2 billion yuan in 2016. Experts predict that China instant noodle market will keep a steady increase in nearly future, and forecast the retail sales will achieve to 81.6 billion yuan in 2017.
China retail sale of instant noodle in china.png

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