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Common Food Additives In Instant Noodle Cake

Jun 01, 2018

Nowadays, instant noodle has become one of the common foods in people’s daily life. Instant noodle is not only an instant food but also a traditonal family foods. People can add some  vegetable and meat when they’re cooking. With the development of science and technology, instant noodle are also constantly upgrading. While taking into account the convenience and delicacy, balanced nutrition and health are also an important direction for the development of instant noodle industry. So how to improve the noodle delicacy is a necessary problem for the noodle manufacturers. Some specialists say we can add some food additives in the noodle processing, which not only improve the noodle taste, but also good for people health.

Let’s go to know more about the common food additives in Instant Noodle Cake


Food Additives


Guar gum

As gluten fortifier, which can make the noodles looks smoothly.

Soybean Lecithin

As emulsifier, which can make the noodles more toughness.

Propylene glycol alginate

As gluten fortifier, which can enhance the elasticity and anti-aging.


As gluten fortifier, which can enhance the toughness and elasticity.


As noodle quality improver, which can improve the noodle toughness and extensibility.

Sodium tripolyphosphatHexametaphosphate

Which can enhance the noodle color and noodle toughness

Vitamin E

As antioxidant, which can extend the shelf life of noodle.

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