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The Close Relationship Between Food Machinery Equipment And People’s Daily Life

Dec 20, 2017

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Food machinery is closely connected and indispensable parts of people’s daily life, which develops from traditional to modern, single to diversified, so that food machinery is more close to the people’s requirements. But the crudely food is still an important position in our country, cause they are lack of the necessary food machinery that the food cannot be directly processed, stored and kept fresh. So the problem of wasting is still raising. On the basic of the market research, the agricultural products wasting caused about 6 billions, which means the food machinery has large market demand in China.


Broadyea Machinery have a strong technical strength, modularization product, advanced equipment, plentiful experience and perfect management system, which ensure the best quality of our noodle production and become a leader in foreign countries. Our production are best-selling for many countries and wins a high reputation for the company.


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