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Chinese People More Like To Eat Health Foods

Feb 05, 2018

Chinese consumers refuse to eat instant noodle, and more like to order healthy take-out food in their daily life.

South China Morning Post by reported, Chinese people are increasingly concerned about the value of food and nutrition. But the sale of instant noodles has dropped markedly. The total sale of instant noodles is 46.2 billion bags in 2013. In the next three years, the total sale of instant noodles was dropped to 38 billions bag. One of the most biggest instant noodle making factory ”Master Kong”, revenue position has declined 1/3, which is 3.2 billions. The order of take-out food has increased 8 times in 2010.

 According to the media, there is a similar situation in the beverage field. More and more Chinese people are using quality drinking water to instead of Coca-Cola, other sports drinks and some sweet juices.

It is reported that not only Chinese people like to eat healthy foods, but also Russians same like that. They start to abandon some bad habits, including starting to quit smoking and drinking, doing more exercise in their daily life.

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