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Broadyea Tell You About The Development Of Instant Noodle

Jan 08, 2018

Momofuku Ando, is the greatest inventor of foods in the 20th century, founding Nissin Food Products Co after World War II to provide a cheap food for the people.

He developed his first instant noodle ”Chicken Ramen” in 1958, but the inspiration for developing the instant noodles had sprouted as early 1945. He brought the making noodle machine, pot, flour and oil from the market, then devoted to the research and development of instant noodle in the spring of 1958. He sets five goals for himself.
Taste good and want to eat again

2As a household kitchen food and high preservation

3Convenience and no need to cook

4Cheap price

5Safety and healthy

In 2003, the output has reached 63.25 billion bags from all over the world:









Sale Volume

(billion bags)









Now, Broadyea introduce the development of instant noodles for you:1515401741(1).jpg

Instant noodle, originated in Japan, Momofuku Ando is the inventor of instant noodle, who invited the bag noodle of “Chicken Sauce Of Ramen Noodles” in September 1958, and the cup noodles were introduced in 1971. However, instant noodle appeared in Japan & Korea, because the Nissin company continues to expand and NONG SHIM companies were devoted to development and production of the instant noodles in 1965. In the late 80s, Master Kong, NONG SHIM enters the Chinese market one after another so that the local instant noodle company of China is rapidly changing. Nowadays, instant noodle develops from Asia to all over the world. Noodle is the second major staple food in the global.

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