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Broadyea Teach You How To Clean The Noodle Machine

Nov 10, 2017

More and more people use the auto-noodle machine because it can bring a lot of convenient for us. It’s essential for cleaning and maintenance if you want to produce much better noodles. Leaving the flour and dough in the machine after processing the noodle but not cleaning out immediately that the dough will form slag after drying, and the production will be affected in next time used.

Fresh noodle production line

Now let me tell you how to clean the noodle machine in your daily life.

After using the noodles machine, you can leave it for a few hours before the dough is dried and then clean. First, you need to reverse the machine and break up the dried dough by bamboo stick, then the dried dough is easy to drop out. You can use the damp cloth to clean the internal machinery flour. After that, you can reverse the machine again and slight tapping that the dried dough will also be dropped, then you can use the damp cloth to clean the internal machine again. In this way, it has completely cleaned the residual in the machine. Last but not least, you should cover the machine by a plastic bag and add some lubricant, to prevent the dust dropped down that affects using in next time.

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