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Broadyea Participate In India Exhibition

Sep 02, 2017

The exhibition of International Foodtec held in India at August 21st , 2017, which attracted the food machinery manufactures come to it from all around the world. How large the scale it is.

In the exhibition, on one hand, Broadyea Machinery with a special preparation, high standard and high performance to become a highlight in the same industry. On the other hand, an imaginative decoration and wonderful explain has attracted many foreign businessmen to visit and negotiate. Cause the enthusiasm, our vice-president, sales manager and sales consultant made so deep impression for the customers that many buyers are consulting about the processing of instant noodle and technical of noodle production equipment. The crucial point is that Broadyea have a team of well experienced design engineer and manufacture technicians, many customers are satisfied our company and want to cooperation with us. We exchange the card with each other to keep in touch.

Frying noodle production line

Hence, this is an industry feast and a harvest trip. Through the exhibition showcases our company image and the advanced level of noodles processing equipment. At that time, we collect the potential customers information by communication with them, and help us to further understand the latest international noodles market. After the exhibition, we arrange an assistant contact the potential customers by telephone, and also received a lot of customers reply.

Broadyea has made a great progress and achievements in the same industry in recent years. With a good ability of market operation, we have occupied a pivotal position in the field of instant noodles production equipment. We concern to satisfy at all times the needs of our customers has made us strive for innovation, qualify and efficiency. We also continuous to improve the management level that accelerate the brand building of Broadyea. To create more excellent service for our customers and friends.

Broadyea is manufacturing and supplier for instant noodle production line, fresh noodle production line, stick noodle production line and dumpling wrapper production line.