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Attention To The Flour Mixer Of Instant Noodle Production Line

Mar 24, 2018

Flour mixer is used to mix flour and water in the condition of vacuum, which can be mixed with flour in a short time. Water can seep into the inner wheat flour and make the gluten network more uniform. Which not only improve the dough quality but also increase the toughness and elasticity.

Especially for the production of stick noodle, dried noodle and non-fried noodle, it’s can obviously improve the noodle quality, which means vacuum flour mixer is an essential machine in noodle production line. Moreover, the machine improve the production quality and lay the foundation for entering the international market. Using vacuum flour mixer can decrease the oil content of noodle cake in fried noodle production line.

Attention To The Flour Mixer Of Instant Noodle Production Line.jpg Attention To The Flour Mixer Of Instant Noodle Production Line.JPG

In the view of flour mixer safety operation should pay attention to the following problem:

1、Worker must be wearing the safety clothes and work hat before operation.

2、Check the electric wire, motor and receptacle plug safe, and then cut off the electric to clean the machine.

3、Plugged in and switch on the machine, judging whether the machine is running properly by listening to the sound of the machine turning. After that cut off the electric again.

4、Debugging the flour tank to the machine and installing the slitter, connecting with electric and machine start.

5、After finished, cut off the electrical power and clean the machine.

6、Attention: without water on your hand when you turn on and off the power supply. Second, don’t put your hand or something into the machine during the use of the machine to avoid accidents. Third, If you need to adjust the gear in operation, you must turn off the machine. Forth, must be turn off the machine before cleaning. Last, check, clean and maintain every month.

7、In the operation of the machine, if there are power outages, leakage, machine failures, abnormal operation sound and other emergencies. First, quickly disconnect the power supply, second, timely and step by step report, in case the problem has not been resolved, it is strictly prohibited to use. 

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