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About Some Importance Indexes Of Using The Flour In Instant Noodle Production Line

Nov 02, 2017

1、   Physical And Chemical Indexes

Including the wet gluten content, ash content, water content, granularity and sediment concentration etc. The water content decided the flour of storage life, yield, water added and screen-ability. The ash reflects the yield of flour in processing and affects the color, smoothness, oil absorption rate etc. the protein reflects the totally toughness of flour, which is an index for reference. Normally, the protein content could not be too low, because it’ll cause the toughness of flour weak. The high-end noodle also add some gluten fortifier to improve. If the granularity is too thin, which is not easy to sift and meticulous, and easy to produces the damaged starch. The damaged starch will make the dough very sticky, unfavorable rolling and cutting that will eventually affect the taste of noodle. So the granularity is suitable from 150 mesh to 250 mesh.

the flour of noodle making machine

2Rheology Indexes

Even though the physical and chemical indexes of flour are the same, but the processing performance is not nearly. Such as the forming time, resistance to mixer, elasticity, extensibility and roughness etc. The main basis to know the gluten quality is powder index and stretch index.

2.1The Indexes About Flour Quality

2.1.1Absorption Rate

The absorption rate reflects the toughness and rehydration of noodle. The instant noodle also need over 60% to 66%, the snack noodle also use the flour more than 55%. Different group have different absorption rate, for example, the protein can absorb the double water from their own weight, the starch can absorb 0.4 to 0.5 times water from their own weight, the damaged starch can absorb over 2 to 10 times from their own weight.


The starch is divided to the amylose and amylopectin, the high starch of amylose is harder gelatinization.

2.1.3Protein And Gluten

After adding the water to mix the flour, the component of gliadin, soluble protein and globin will turn big by absorb the water. With continuous mixing, the granules of protein will turn bigger and sticky together, which forms a network structure. However, the gliadin has a good extensibility, but the toughness is not good (If the content of gliadin is high that the structure is not firm and is easy to change the shape of noodle). The glutenin has a good elasticity and toughness, but the extensibility is bad (If the content of gliadin is high that the rolling is hard and the noodle cake will turn small by constriction). The soluble protein and the globin are water-soluble, it can be separated by water.

In a word, the protein content is low, the intrinsic quality of product is different. The noodle not toughness that is easy to break after rehydration. The protein content is too high, which will retracted, turned thick and turned darkness after rolling and cutting. Generally speaking, the wet gluten content should arrived 30%.

234805-1404100P22677.jpgflour noodle production making equipment

3、   The Storage Life Of Flour

Because the sulfhydryl group exists in the new flour, which increase the protease activation, decrease the number of gluten. The fatty acid value (mgKOH/100g) reflects the fresh of wheat, for example, If the value is over 50 that means the wheat has storage over three years. The process wheat is better to storage one to two years, the new wheat is not steady. The new process flour should storage 15 days that the flour has a natural mature process.

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