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Let Me Tell You About The Instant Noodle

Oct 06, 2017

Nowadays, there are lots of people have different mistakes about instant noodle. Such as nonnutritive, have additive, hard to digestion, high oil content, with wax etc. Instant noodle were rated as one of the greatest inventions in twentieth century by Japan. But now why do the Chinese abandon it?

instant noodle production line

Have any preservative in instant noodle?

Many people think that the instant noodles have a long shelf life because of preservatives. That’s not true. The noodle cake has a low moisture content, so the microbe is very hard to grow that the noodle don’t need to add the additive.

delicious instant noodle

Have too much oil content?

The oil content of instant noodle is 18% to 20%, and the salt content is 1.6% to 2%, which is basically same as the world. In fact, the oil content in instant noodle is lower than the fries and chips.

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