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A Few Ways To Eat Instant Noodle

Nov 15, 2017

Instant noodle is a familiar food in our daily life, many people love it. Nowadays, our lifestyle is faster than before, especially the staff, who has no more time to cook a meal for themselves that the instant noodle can meet their needs to save their time, then they have some time to take a rest. For now, how many ways do you know to cook a delicious instant noodle? Today, let me tell you some special ways to cook a delicious meal by instant noodle in China.

No.1 Wonton Instant Noodle

Material: instant noodle, shrimp, wonton, mushroom, egg, vegetable, scallion

Seasoning: salt, pepper, sesame oil, chicken powder

First, you need to clean the shrimp, scallion and vegetable, use the water to soak the mushroom.

Tips: if you want to make the mushroom look more beautiful, you can follow the picture to make it. And if you want the noodle are more delicious, when the water is boiling, you can put the instant noodle first to cook one or two minutes, then scoop up the noodles and wash it by cold water, which can keep the toughness of noodle.


No.2 Sauce Instant Noodle

Material: instant noodle, sauce

This is the easiest ways to eat. Just need to put the noodle and sauce into the bowl and mixing it.

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No.3 Kimchi Instant Noodle

Material: instant noodle, kimchi

Seasoning: salt, pepper, sesame oil,

First, you need to use the sesame oil to cook the kimchi, and then add the water to cook instant noodle.

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The primary purpose of eating is to supply the energy, exactly the instant noodle can do this. That’s the reason why instant noodle are popular in people’s daily life. There are lots of ways of eating instant noodle. Whatever you think, just do it.

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