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The reason of increasing wet face head in noodle production

Sep 22, 2017

1. Wheat gluten strength is too low, 25% below, and the amount of water is too little or too much, resulting in insufficient strength of the wet noodles and drop bar.

2. And equipment on the process defects or surface and time is short, the fabric is mixed and cooked into a poor state.

3. Wet surface head back to the machine, the head has been dehydrated, or at low speed and surface machine, resulting in the face and machine wheat flour is not mixed mature, and into the back of the process, the phenomenon of falling bar.

4. When the noodles head is treated with a process, the noodles head is not soaked into the dough and the surface technology.

5. Due to poor quality of surface products, return to the plane ratio of more than 15% (refers to the total amount of wet and dry head)

6. The use of more than 30% of the water distribution and surface technology (this process can significantly improve the noodle quality) will cause a noticeable increase in the drying of the phenomenon, should be strengthened into the drying zone cold air set process to enhance the strength of wet noodles, control drop.