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The application method of small-scale press machine

Sep 22, 2017

1. Surface: Flour heating water (about 10:4), water appropriate salt, alkali; if the egg surface can be made without adding or less water, in the basin together to reconcile.

2. Prepare: Cut the dough into slices (about 20 millimeters) and sprinkle with dry flour.

3. Before use, we should check the working surface, remove the surface dirt, add some lubricating oil to the face knife sleeve and gear.

4. Rolling surface: First remove the cutting knife, adjust the pressure roller two head of the regulator, the two sides roll clearance to 2.5-3mm, insert Plug

220V power supply in the socket, press the switch on the machine, put the good surface into the bucket, the introduction of the pressure surface roll, repeated

Roller system 4-5 times, the last adjustment surface roll clearance of 1.5mm, double pressure once.

5. Cut: On the cutting knife, according to the need to adjust the blade on the regulator, clockwise to turn the adjuster into place, counterclockwise

In place to cut the rough surface, and finally put the pressure on the surface of the billet bucket into the two sides between the rollers until the cutting knife, you can cut into coarse or fine noodles.

6. End: After use, turn off the machine power switch, unplug the plug, the body, knife, roll clean.