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Operation Guide for Noodle machine

Sep 22, 2017

1. Face: Pour the flour into the noodle machine, then add water according to the proportion of the regulation 25%, start capacity, mix the noodles and water evenly up to the granular shape (the best use after 10 minutes), you can use.

2. Adjust: Adjust the roll clearance with Handwheel, the reference data of each group Roll gap is: (more than 330 units exception) in the adjustment process, tighten or loosen the handwheel of how many, sometimes difficult to adjust, the key is to clarify the truth, patient grasp, not skilled when can stop adjustment, after normal locking handwheel.

3. Operation: Put the flour into the noodle bucket, press the knife and fixed the knife plate, it can turn on the operation, the third group down the panel to hand to the next group (multiple groups of this analogy) operation completed.

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