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Future Market Analysis For Fresh Noodle

Mar 05, 2019

Future market analysis for fresh noodle 

Fresh noodle are the original form of noodles, without secondary treatment, water content ranges from 32% to 38%.

The most important quality characteristics of raw noodles are their attractive color and smooth appearance. Japanese Udon noodles usually white or milky white, with a soft texture and elastic smooth after being cooked. The flour is mainly use semi-soft wheat.

With the development of the new business model, the new business model represented by chain supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores will take an increasing proportion in the urban business. A common trend in these models is the development of frozen foods as the first important commodity.

Broadyea noodle manafacturing machine

Fresh noodle production line

The noodles on the domestic market are mainly dry noodle products at present, such as stick noodle, instant noodles and so on. With the improvement of people’s living standard and quality of life, these noodle products can no longer meet people’s demand in taste, nutrition and other aspects. Nowadays, especially in large and medium-sized cities, are more and more fond of nature and close to the traditional flavor of raw fresh noodles.

Although the fresh noodle technology was already appearance in the past of ten years ago, because the high production cost so that this type of noodle price is much higher than other noodle, which is high restricted it in the market. According to market demand and aim at high production cost problem, Broadyea push out a new fresh noodle production line, which can reduce production cost and improve production efficiency.

The same noodle production machine process

Fresh noodle will become a new type noodle demand in the market. Such a chance must not be missed. Any question about fresh noodle making machine, please just feel free to contact us. Broadyea will provide a total solution and best service for you.

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