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Frying Noodle Production Line

High Efficiency Noodle Making Machine

High Efficiency Noodle Making Machine

The whole production line is highly controlled automatically by closed loop method, less manual operation to meet the security of the sanitation; In order to guarantee the high quality of the products and achieve standardized production; The production line is controlled by the central system composed of PLC and frequency converters, which is set up in advance....
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High Efficiency Noodle Making Machine

Instant noodles become one of the major modern food consumption, which is characterized by: convenient, diverse tastes to meet the people's demand for food. We specializes in the production of instant noodles equipment. Design and provide different productivity equipment, fried type and non-fried instant noodles production line, to meet the customer's different kinds of requirements.

1. Parameter

ModelCapa city(Bag/8hours)Roller WidthTotal PowerSteam ConsumptionNoodle Weight


a. Cutter speed: 45 cuts/min,

b. Shape of noodle: square type,

c. Width of noodle roller: 430mm,

d. Noodle of roller pairs: 6 group,

e. Oil content of noodle cake: 18%-20%,

f. Automation: full automatic noodle line

2. Machine Detail:

The double shaft flour is used to mix dry flour with atomized alkali liquid and finally get the dough flour with evenly water. In order to operate safety, the system is equipped with a safety switch, which one of the two doors of flour mixer is not locked properly, the system is not allowed to start.

There are two different type of flour mixer:

One for traditional flour mixer, other is vacuum flour mixer. 

Broadyea instant noodle flour mixer machine

3. Feature

a. Traditional flour mixer:

A horizontal, two-axis design, this device features inverter speed adjustment, PLC, human-machine-interface (HMI) operation, and self-diagnosis. 

b. Vacuum flour mixer:

When the vacuum flour mixer of high effecient noodle making machine running, it will removes oxygen under negative pressure. It can increase 10% to 20% water content than traditional flour mixer. The gluten network is formed quickly, so that the protein tissue structure is balanced, and the dough made is bright, uniform and elastic. The strength of the gluten is large, and the quality of the dough is significantly improved. The processed flour has a smooth taste, high transparency and good elasticity.


a. Can be customized according to users’ requirement;

b. Improve the noodle quality;

c. Reduce the product cost;

d. Forming the sheet and noodle at once time.

5. Service

a. 24 hours online .Your inquiry and any confusedf will be quick reply by email. Also can go through all questions with you by any online chatting tools.

b. Provide Broadyea catalog and video for you to know our product, and welcome you to visit our company, futher understand and communicate with each other, so that we can know more about the requirement of our guests.

c. According to our clients requirement, we will make a fully solution and factory drawing.

Broadyea instant noodle line

6. FAQ

1. We're not clearly for your company location, can you arrange some people to pick me up?

A: Sure, please don't worry, Broadyea is committed to provide a great technology and service, we'll go to pick you up, please kindly give me your flight or hotel information.

2. Can you show me the running noodle making machine in China?

A: Yes, we can. We can show you the running noodle line with Broadyea manufacture in China.

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