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Drying Noodle Production Line

Noodle Dryer Machine Aging Machine

Noodle Dryer Machine Aging Machine

Dried noodle aging machine is commonly used to waking the flour, which improves the processing properties of dough by means of time lapse....
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Dried Noodle Machine Aging Machine

About Dried noodle machine aging machine

There are round aging machine in the highly cost effective drying noodle production line, but the need of continuous product, the aging time before the compound rolling machine is relatively short and the quality of noodles is not the best.

So in order to ensure the continuous production of machine and noodle quality, which designs the aging machine between the compound rolling machine and continuous rolling machine. Aging the noodle 20mins to 30mins can ensure the continuous production and good quality of aging result.

*Aging machine is commonly called waking the flour, which improves the processing properties of dough by means of time lapse.

*To permeate water into the interior of protein colloid particles and absorb water expansion, forming a network gluten. In fact, this is continue the process of flour mixing

      Noodle Dryer Machine Aging Machine

Introduction Of Drying Noodle Production Line:

The whole dried noodle machine is highly controlled automatically by closed loop method, less manual operation to meet the security of the sanitation; In order to guarantee the high quality of the products and achieve standardized production; The dried noodle machine is controlled by the central system composed of PLC and frequency converters, which is set up in advance.
The operators just need to adjust the technological process instead of increase or decrease the equipments, various instant noodle can be processed by this dried noodle machine such as corn, buckwheat, barley etc, thereby it improves the utilization of the equipment.

The Flowing Chat Of Non-fried Noodle Production Line

Adding flour——Alkali liquid——Mixing——Aging——Rolling——Slitting——Cooking——Cutting——Drying——Cooling——Packaging

Model     CapacityRoller WidthTotal PowerSteam ConsumptionNoodle Weight

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: Wooden Cases                                 Delivery Time: Upon receiving the deposit in 4 months.

Broadyea noodle line

About Our Company

Broadyea manufactures the automatic higher-toughness of drying noodle production line and high-strength non-fried noodle production line. The concern to satisfy at all times the needs of our customers has made as strive for innovation, qualify and efficiency. Internationalized vision and more than thirty-year experiences ensure we have enough ability to dedicate more value to customers. We believe: An outstanding quality, Broadyea creates.

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Re-sales: we’ll conscientious the needs of customer that make an accurate analysis and reasonable layout, which aims to satisfy for you.

Sale: we use the advanced design concepts and modular design that make the utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure and high automation, which make our equipment and mechanical performance reach the optimum design range by the precision work. The materials accord with the requirement of food hygiene and looks very beautiful.

After-sales service: we’ll provides the serve of equipment installation, debugging, personnel training, after-sales service etc.

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