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Drying Noodle Production Line

Half Dried Noodle Production Line Cooking Machine

Cooking machine *To achieve the best effect of cooking, the time of cooking can customized by customer to design. *To achieve the best effect of keeping warm, all the cover are used by keeping warm material. *All the material of steamer tank made by stainless steel 304. *The chain net of inside......
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Half Dried Noodle Production Line Cooking Machine

Introduction Of Drying Noodle Production Line

Instant noodles become one of the major modern food consumption, which is characterized by: convenient, diverse tastes to meet the people's demand for food. We specializes in the production of instant noodles equipment. Design and provide different productivity equipment, fried type and non-fried instant noodles production line, to meet the customer's different kinds of requirements.

Dominant Position 

*Modularized design, Integral structure, easy to assemble and operate.

*High-precision digital processing ensures the mechanical performance attains the best within the scope of design.

*The leading function of date statistics and the universal network extension interface can provide real-time and accurate database for the enterprise ERP systems.

Quick Details:

Condition: New                        Type: Drying Instant Noodle;                       Product Name: Cooking Machine

Production Capacity:   30,000-200,000 bags/8hrs;                Noodle Width:  320 mm-830 mm;            

Total Power: 70(kw) – 180(kw);                          Noodle Weight: 40-120(g)                                Brand Name: Broadyea  

Steam Consumption: 1200kg/h - 3200kg/h                       Model Number:DM220-DM830

Delivery Period: 3-4 months                                              PaymentT/T,  L/C

Cooking Machine

*  The dough will be send to cooking machine by transport belt, cook the dough by steam with high temperature.

*  Cooking machine has two designs, one is multilayer, the other is single layer. Here is multilayer design (3 layers). Multilayer design can shorten the length of production line, and reduce the wastage of the steam.

*  Whole of this machine is made by stainless steel. The body is interlayer stainless steel, inside is high quality heat preservation cotton, heat insulation is very great. Transport chain net have two parts, inside net and outside net; outside net connect with continuous rolling machine and climbing machine, the function of the inside net is let the dough turn over on them.

 Restless of drying noodle cooking machine

About Our Company

Broadyea is an instant noodle production lines maker, who provides advanced product lines and integrated solutions for flour products enterprises around the world. We have a team of well experienced design engineers and manufacture technicians, and meanwhile we are equipped with leading digital processing equipment and high-precision machine tools.


In-depth knowledge of customer's applications

Advanced equipment of high- equipment digital processing.

More than thirty years of industry experience

Promote an international vision


Sharing The Sense Of Worth

Keep promise and committed to the customer care

Focus on the product performance


Team spirit


1. Which level of quality are your products?

We have got CE, ISO, certificate so far.

2. What is the delivery time of your machine?

In general, the delivery time of our machine is about upon receiving the deposit in 4 months. customized machine will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients.

3. May i know which payment will be accepted by your company?

40% deposit paid by T/T, balance paid by L/C are available. 

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