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Drying Noodle Production Line

Drying Noodle Equipment Cutting Machine

Drying Noodle Equipment Cutting Machine

The combined unit is cutting & dividing machine and fall into box machine. *Cutting & dividing machine (falling into box machine) is controlling the middle speed of whole production line. The noodle wire from the transition frame enters between the slitter and the anvil shaft according......
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Drying Noodle Equipment Cutting Machine

Introduction Of Drying Noodle Production Line:

Type of drying noodle product is square noodle cake and round noodle cake. The size can customized by customer. The production have bulk noodle, bag noodle etc. There are 30,000 packs to 180,000 packs for choice in per shift. There are 40 grams to 100 grams for choice in per noodle cake. There are 300 mm to 1000 mm for choice in roller width.

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Cutting& Dividing Machine And Fall Into Box Machine.

●   According to all kinds of products in the general production line, a production line is only equipped with the cutting& dividing machine or only the falling boxes machine. Such as the production of two different products, can also be designed to blend both equipped with falling box molding machine and also equipped with cutting& dividing machine in the noodle cake of molding machine.

●   The cover and the bucket are made of stainless steel, which meets up with the standards of food sanitation and makes the whole machine beautiful, clean and easy to clean up.

The production line can share others equipment to produce two different kinds of product, so the molding machine both have folding machine and cutting machine.

 Drying Noodle Equipment Cutting Machine

Display Detail 

In order to ensure that the noodle cake falls 100% to the noodle box accurately, so that the noodle cake falls into the initial transfer stage after the conveyor chain box of the drying machine. Setting the air blowing structure, and the structure is arranged at above the drying machine of chain box. Each noodle has a flat rotated gas nozzle, the gas nozzle can play the role of loosening the noodle and removing the excess water, to ensure the noodle can uniform distribution and set in the middle of box.

Drying Noodle Equipment Cutting Machine

Quality And Production Process

●   Excellent production process and perfect quality system

●   Production link 100% quality testing

●   Iso9001:2000 quality management system certification

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After sale services 

1. Oversea install and debug the equipment.

2. Provide the basic formula (if you need)

3. Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.

4. When we received your deposit of this order, we will ask our engineers to prepare to apply the visa, when the instant noodles processing line arrived your country, and we will send two engineers to go and help you to install the corn flakes line, teach your worker(3-4 workers) how to operate the instant noodles line, until your worker know the instant noodles line well.


1. May i know which payment will be accepted by your company?

40% deposit paid by T/T, balance paid by L/C are available.

2. How can I trust your company?

With 30-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price

Assessed by third party, national patents and CE, ISO for all equipment,

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